Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I love you sister - Happy Rakhi!

My sister is great friends with me. She is pregnant now and we are very excited to welcome her twins into the world. I am a twin too and my sister is the younger one. We look nothing like each other but we do think alike. We live in the same city and spend a lot of time together. She lives about 30 kms away from me but the best part is that her office is very close to where I work. Whenever she any any issues at work she drops by at the end of the day to talk things out with me.

I haven't ever said this to her but as I write this blog I am constantly thinking how important those conversations are for me. My grandfather was very close to me and when he died I completely broke down. The only person who could understand my pain was my sister. It took me days to get over it and she helped me and heard me out very patiently. We were very young when that happened and I am not ashamed to say that I was very immature. I was extremely surprised to see that my sister who is just as old as I am mothered me and acted like she couldn't let anything happen to me.

Years have passed since that happened and now it is upon me to father my sister. She is is a very difficult phase in her life and when she comes to me with teary eyes a part of me dies. I want to do all I can to help her but let's face it, I am human. It isn't easy for me to hear what she has to say to me and not react. I then realise that she isn't looking for a reaction. She is just looking for a shoulder to cry on and I will be that shoulder.

My sister is a gem of a person and has always been nice to people and animals. I am very excited for Raksha Bandhan and I have a lot of presents that I have purchased for her and for her child. I have also thought for a lovely name for them - yes she is having twins too. I guess it runs in the family.

Rakhi is a very special time and I am very excited to spend the whole day with her...... I love you sister!

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Nashta (Golf Course Road, Gurgaon) - 3.5/5 Stars

Nashta is a wonderful option for people in a hurry. I do not cook and I am always looking to have a nice breakfast before I leave for work. I read a couple of reviews of Nashta online and I knew I had found what I was looking for. Nashta is a wonderful option for people who love a nice hearty meal in the morning.

The best part about Nashta is that the food at Nashta is very fresh. You can taste and tell that it has just been prepared. It is delivered piping hot to your door and it comes with freshly squeezed juices, freshly cut and baked potato wedges, etc.

Since there were 6 of us, we ordered a variety of options and got to taste a lot of different things on the menu. The juice I liked the most was the "Berry Explosion", a very guilt free healthy start to my morning. The juice did not taste synthetic at all. It was all natural and fresh. I did not quite like the "Orange Juice" as it had some bits and a quite a strong zesty taste but the rest of the juices were great.

The "Chicken Tikka Breakwich" was a meal in itself. The chicken tikka had been marinated in Indian spices, chillies and came with a coriander mayo dip. The sandwiches and wraps came with potato wedges and dips. It was a complete meal in itself and was packed perfectly. I read while I eat so my breakfast tends to get cold. I was very pleased to see that I could eat and then microwave my breakfast in the container they sent with it because it was microwave safe. They also sent some wooden cutlery.

We also had a couple of "Premium Combos" that came with dessert, salad and a fruit bowl. The fruits were cut beautifully and consisted of melon, papaya, orange, etc. The salad had iceberg, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and the dressing had been served separately. Overall, it was a nice satisfying meal, packed perfectly and priced reasonably.

Dont skip breakfast!
(Delhi Food Club)

Elf Cafe & Bar (Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi) - 4/5 Stars

Why is one compelled to visit a place? For me it usually is when I hear from a lot of friends that this place shouldn't be missed. Elf Cafe Lounge is all I heard from my group of foodie friends before I finally decided to visit the place in the lovely Hauz Khas Village. 
As a lot of other people may tell you, Hauz Khas isn't as happening as it used to be, it could either be due to the controversy that caused some places to temporarily shut down. Whatever it was this place isn't the same. There was a time when it used to be bustling with hipsters regardless of the time of the week. Anyhow, Elf Cafe Lounge is certainly a rare gem in the lovely crown that is Hauz Khas Village. 
This certainly is the most happening place at HKV, the place belongs to Dinesh Arora who is quite well known in the party scene of Delhi. You would know him from the newspapers! He runs other restaurants like Ivory and Wushu. This place is great for parties because it has private lounges and is at least 2000-3000 sq. feet in area. Its multi-cuisine menu consists of tandoori food, American, Spanish, Italian, etc. The restaurant does a good job with most of its dishes because it has well known chefs from around the globe. 
Elf is a very welcoming and unpretentious place with some really good food, my recommendations are: Dahi Kebab, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Pasta and Brownie Sundae. We happened to try a lot of different things but these were surely my top favourites. 
What I loved most was the music (sufi, soul, rock, you name it!) and the ambience. It is a perfect date kind of place. I would certainly pick Elf for a fun night out with my partner. I was informed by the server that the place also has an in-house bakery and they do personalised cakes for special occasions. I have only been to Elf once but I know where I'm gonna plan my partner's surprise birthday party.
Keep partying! 
(Delhi Food Club)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

#MamaDrinkUp @Mamagoto, Khan Market - cocktails, snacks and alfresco dining!

#MamaDrinkUp was a fun filled event at the terrace of Mamagoto in Khan Market. We at the Delhi Food Club have always loved Mamagoto for its delicious Thai Green Curry, Honey Chicken and Crispy Chilly Potatoes but now with the introduction of interesting cocktails on their menu they have found yet another way to wow us.

A very pleasant evening with great drinks and the company of some really good friends, - what can be better than that?

The Mamagoto crew has certainly managed to create innovative concoctions that are not available elsewhere. Their in house spirit infusion include kaffir lime leaf infused in silver tequila, thyme infused with dry gin and so on.

The resultant cocktails are crisper, finer and there isn’t any taste of factory made syrups and other artificial flavours. Nothing is too sweet or too sour, all balanced for the discerning palate.

The restaurant's mixologists have balanced herb with fruit to master some stellar tastes with a rich mouth feel and unique after taste. Apart from this they have flavoured Margaritas, Daiquiris, and Mojitos. The Mojitos were our favourite and I would certainly recommend them to you!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

NYC Cafe - Radisson review

New York Cafe at Radisson Blu Plaza in Mahipalpur was the perfect lazy Sunday Brunch experience for me. The brunch starts at 12:30 pm and goes on until 3:00 pm, which is perfect for me and my friends because we love having a relaxed conversation over good food.

We are taken around the place by the Manager at New York Cafe. It really was a museum of food. At first I was quite overwhelmed by the choices but shortly the foodie in me took over and I got to work.

Gin based cocktails go really well with paneer pakoras and politics related conversations. Gazpacho followed after the pakoras and acted as the perfect palette cleanser. Chicken Liver Gateaux and white wine were delightful together. 

We were served a lot of different kind of cheeses. My favourite was Edam. You have to give blue cheese a shot but remember only to have a minuscule bite with your cracker. It can be too strong for some people.

Our individual portions of Prawn Cocktail were served to us at the table with Cilantro and young onions. The prawn was the best I have had in a very long time. IN fact I also went ahead and had the grilled prawns and they were sublime as well - 5/5.

The Hummus with extra olive oil and freshly made pita bread was a delight too. The Mezze was beautifully presented and tasted really good - a big thumbs up.

There were a million things to try on the day and most of them were great to look and taste. The desserts were the best course of the entire buffet. Firstly the spread was amazing. From Rajbhog to pannacota, from sugar free kalakand to pumpkin pie, it was a delight. All of the desserts were top of the line and special recommendations will be the Rajbhog and the pumpkin pie. There was also a chocolate fountain to keep the kids and the kids inside adults interested.

Overall the NYC cafe brunch is a must try with the combination of a lavish spread, fantastic dishes and exemplary service. The price is quite reasonable for the variety you get - give it a try.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Baker Review: BakeBox's Bakers should not be missed - 4/5 Stars

BakeBox is an exciting new concept. There are several bakers in the city who are fantastic but they do not have a Bakery. BakeBox brings the bakes and goodies from these bakers, straight to your house.

BakeBox delivers on the same day and what they deliver is 100% fresh and made either the same day or the night before.

This concept was started by Jennifer Duthie. They have a “baker of the month” and that baker compiles a new BakeBox on a designated day each month. This BakeBox is delivered fresh to foodies all over Delhi and Gurgaon.

Since BakeBox was launched in August 2012, they have only been growing. They have been covered by NDTV, Indian Express, Cosmopolitan, Femina, New Woman, Mint, etc. They charge Rs. 850/- for a BakeBox and it can be Home Delivered for the same price.

BakeBox has some amazing cakes, muffins and cookies. In a recent BakeBox they sent over some pita and hummus too, which was a refreshing change.

I look forward to this fresh box of sin delivered to my doorstep every month.

Call: +91 9818609488

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cafe Wanderlust and Shivangi Reviews ( Blogger's Meet 2014

This is not my first review of Cafe Wanderlust. I am a regular. I love the place. I am hooked on to its bohemian ways. I had the opportunity to go to Cafe Wanderlust again on a Sunday.

The event was a colab Food Blogger's Meet, organised by Cafe Wanderlust and Team Shivangi Reviews. I have been to a lot of food bloggers events before but this was different for so many reasons. 

Disha, who runs the place is quite the talked. She has a lot of interesting incidents, anecdotes and stories to share. All of us bloggers were not bored for a minute. One interesting incident after the other, one story after the other. Conversation kept flowing over huge glasses of Thandai, Adrak Chai, Kachoris, Samosa Chaat, Thekua (a Bihari deep fried dough ball), pastries, etc.

What I personally love about this cafe is how quirky it is. I can sit here for hours, having my Adrak chai and fave music on loop and never wanna leave. I like how the owner takes good care of her guests and ensures everyone is comfortable. I like how this little cafe is a family affair because all of us get tired of pretentiously self-important and pompous places to eat. I am tired of waiting for my partner to dress up to look great because most of the places we dine at require us to look a certain way. I like going casual from time to time and I pick Cafe Wanderlust to unwind. 

Cafe Wanderlust served us excellent Gol Gappas. I am a big fan of chaat and I enjoyed the Samosa Chaat with sprinkles of imli chutney very much. What my tongue still cannot forget is the lovely flavour of the kachoris. They were perfectly crips or khasta and tasted really good. One of the best kachoris I've had in Gurgaon. 

We were served a savoury mushroom crepe. Everyone at the table was amazed how the small Cafe Wanderlust kitchen is milting out all different kinds of things to eat. We loved the creamy mushroom crepes. Crepes are my favourite and I especially enjoyed these crepes very much. Highly Recommended.

Another great combo, that should not be missed is the Bombay Vada Pao. Now I really have not had the Bombay Vada Pao but everyone at the table who had said that this was as close as it could get to the actual vada pao - 9/10. It was also incredible to see that most of the bloggers at the table were hardcore non-vegetarians and Cafe Wanderlust is a vegetarian cafe but none of them missed the vegetarian food at all. Kudos to the chef, who is also the owner's mother.

The Veg Croque Monsieur, the vegetarian version of the grilled ham and cheese sandwich was quite good, this is the food that dreams are made of. There is cheese inside, there is cheese outside, it is cheesy and delicious. 

The Vegetarian Burger resembled a huge American Hamburger that we all couldn't finish by ourselves. We had to share. It was now time for the desserts. We were all eagerly awaiting the final course because after eating what felt like a zillion savoury items, we will in the mood for something sweet.

The Laung Lata was the best out of all the desserts and there was a plate full of different kinds of desserts. Laung Lata is a deep fried dessert with Khoya, Sugar, Refined flour, Cloves, Cardamom, etc. Must Have!

It was a Sunday well spent and I cannot wait to go back the the lovely Cafe again very soon. 

Photo Credit: Peeyoosh Kaushik Photography
Event Courtesy: Cafe Wanderlust and Team Shivangi Reviews

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