Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I love you sister - Happy Rakhi!

My sister is great friends with me. She is pregnant now and we are very excited to welcome her twins into the world. I am a twin too and my sister is the younger one. We look nothing like each other but we do think alike. We live in the same city and spend a lot of time together. She lives about 30 kms away from me but the best part is that her office is very close to where I work. Whenever she any any issues at work she drops by at the end of the day to talk things out with me.

I haven't ever said this to her but as I write this blog I am constantly thinking how important those conversations are for me. My grandfather was very close to me and when he died I completely broke down. The only person who could understand my pain was my sister. It took me days to get over it and she helped me and heard me out very patiently. We were very young when that happened and I am not ashamed to say that I was very immature. I was extremely surprised to see that my sister who is just as old as I am mothered me and acted like she couldn't let anything happen to me.

Years have passed since that happened and now it is upon me to father my sister. She is is a very difficult phase in her life and when she comes to me with teary eyes a part of me dies. I want to do all I can to help her but let's face it, I am human. It isn't easy for me to hear what she has to say to me and not react. I then realise that she isn't looking for a reaction. She is just looking for a shoulder to cry on and I will be that shoulder.

My sister is a gem of a person and has always been nice to people and animals. I am very excited for Raksha Bandhan and I have a lot of presents that I have purchased for her and for her child. I have also thought for a lovely name for them - yes she is having twins too. I guess it runs in the family.

Rakhi is a very special time and I am very excited to spend the whole day with her...... I love you sister!

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