Thursday, 27 September 2007

Hype of Incredible India

Recently, the Incredible India bandwagon was in NYC, (or is it still thr I dont remember). I do not understand the purpose of this event. If it is to showcase India's diversity and attract tourists then its fantastic cause it has helped in making India the top destination for tourists this year. Kudos. But what I seriously find stupid is that a part of the 'Incredible India' event is to educate the rest of the world that 'India has arrived' or 'It's our time now'. Where has India arrived? Everything that is happening in our country and will happen in the future is still 'to be achieved'. Don't get me wrong because I am not some intellectual cynic or doomsdayer , but let's make noise of something noteworthy.
Take the last 30 years or so and think about the economies that have taken of, countries that have transformed themselves, Japan, Eastern Asian countries, China and then think how many of them campaigned about how incredible their countries were?.. None I'd say. But still they were able to capture the imagination of the world .. How??.. Quite simply because their work did the talking. This is something we have to concentrate on.. how do we, India and Indians, use our strengths to captivate the people of the world. I am not against blowing our trumpet but we got to choose the right moments. The celebrations after winning the 20-20 world cup was acceptable but telling the average foreigner that 'India's time has come' is not , because if anyone buys into how 'great' India is and reaches one of our creaking airports, to be greeted by impoverished kids, the entire illusion is broken.

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